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of commerce. ghuf chris christie ordering the vak ace of some 40,000 residents and all local businesses including the 12 flagship casinos. some stubborn locals want to stick it out, but for those, an emergency spokesperson said talk to someone who tried to ride out the storm of 1962 and see if they would do it again. and that storm wasn't even a hurricane. it was nor'easter. and hurricanes actually making direct landfall on the coast of new jersey a very rare occurrence. it's actually only happened three times ever. two unnamed hurricanes in 1978 and 1903 and hurricane irene making landfall as a tropical storm in aufg gust of 2011. when we talk to local business owners, they said the hit from irene was closing down business right ahead of labor day. this time the damages will be much worse. >> business interruption is a huge thing. irene was well over a million dollars because it was labor day weekend evacuation. this is mid week in a softer part of our season, but it will still probably be over a quarter of a million dollars to our properties. we're focusing on just protecting the prop
on the local area. also lake erie had been continuing to get water over the interstate because of that. so the high wind warnings plus the snow we've had now, 18 inches in davis, west virginia and more to keep on falling. >>> let's talk about the new york stock exchange trading floor did survive the night. there was no flooding or damage. but a lot more going on and we want to talk to bertha coombs who joins us with more on what's ahead for the markets. >> yeah, last night the nyse take to go twitter to dismedical rumors that the floor was under water. you can see it is dry here. plenty of sand bags. later on this morning, the nyse, the nasdaq and exchanges will all try their contingency systems. the ncht yse will do that test between 8:00 a.m. and noon. they will do it open at 9:30 and then a closing at 12:00. they do expect and hope to be open tomorrow. but what you have to look at is the rest of the infrastructure here in lower manhattan. last night, we had a substation blow on east 14th street in the lower part of manhattan and that set off a major power outage, all of manhattan below
've seen in florida. i've seen some weird things from some pollsters. i saw one of the local polls by one of the papers down there. >> "the herald times." >> was that an outlier, seven points, eight points for romney? >> that was seven points up for romney. this election is going to be just like 2010, all about jobs. whoever the floridians believe is going to get the economy going that's who they're voting for. that's how i won. i think romney right now, as you could see in the debate. >> is he leading in florida? >> yes. >> by? >> i'd be shocked if it's -- >> less than seven but more than one. >> it's going to be just like my race. people, they either want a job or they want to get it, they need a job or want to keep their job. look, we've done really well, the biggest drop in unemployment, consumer confidence up five-year high, unemployment has dropped, the number of people in unemployment dropped 40%, tourism is up, 90 million people come in tourism, exports are up, home prices are up, construction is up, so we're headed in the right direction but it's still about jobs. >> isn't that a
by hiring people, that's probably a better argument. >> it was state and local -- >> that's why it's hard to argue. >> as jack said, question mark, question mark, question mark. >> these numbers have probably been massaged not just for the last two months. the way that the participation rate has slowly come down. i mean, there's a lot of different ways. >> i think it's a fair question to ask. the unemployment numbers have been wrong all along. >> but there's a difference between the number being wrong all the time, which is probably relatively likely. all you're really doing is looking at a trend line. >> there's got to be a margin of error. >> you're shocked that the government could be using it, or the party in power could be using it. >> i think that austin goolsbee was wrong, and in this case, to the extent that we're arguing manipulation, i think it's a hard argument to make. >> we know china cooks all the books and we know chavez didn't win. >> that's because you told me the bls guys went down there to count the votes. >> i did tell you that. what do they call when jimmy carter goes
together. >> you got to bring it in. >> we were in one of the local newspapers they said the little donor with the other donor, anyway. that's my ethel merman story. >> do you remember that day? >> i wonder whether i remember it or i see the pictures. >> that's amazing. >>> get you caught up on the headlines we talked about it earlier but it may impact the markets today. general electric reporting third quarter earnings in line with estimates. solid demand in the u.s. and asia for electric turbines and railroad locomotives helping offset europe's woes and honeywell posting a better than expected profit. it is also tightening its full year earnings forecast, tightening it up to $4.45 to $4.50 a share. the street was already at $4.50. >>> a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll this morning of a couple of battleground swing states, in iowa obama leads romney 51% to 43%, inis with business the democratic incumbent leads his republican rival, but joe as we discussed before the show you look at what was it real clear politics. >> for the first time -- >> romney has more electoral votes. >> t
the list, mortgage interest deduction, charitable state and local and they'd cross them all off the list and we'd get down to a $10 million tax expenditure and you can reduce the tax rates by 00001% and that suggests to me coming out of a housing-led downturn in which state and local governments are still struggling it's easy to say and it's really hard to do. >> okay. just being a realist, let it go back up and then maybe try to come down -- try to put something together over five years. >> it's worth a shot. it's worth a shot. i'm just skeptical of probabilities of success. >> it has to have everything that they hate. i like simpson-bowles except this part. you got to take the stuff you hate. >> that's the hard part. peter, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> i apologize, again -- >> you usually do that for me. >> you inknew -- >> i knew it was coming. i saw all the memos, is that what you expected -- >> you have to ask. i got to ask. i thought he might have -- >> he said he loves corbat. >> you knew you'd get it. >> he could be kissing up to o'neill by the way. clearly o'neill wi
about the states and locals there. we're more in the high 30s. the government could be bigger but we have to tax people in order to have the government bigger. what do you want a smaller government? we have to balance this thing out. >> everything i here is you have to tax more just to pay off our deficit. you have to cut spending and look at the federal reserve running out of things it can continue to do. >> you don't have to pay off the deficit. nobody's ever paid off the deficit or gone -- the policy of paying off the deficit doesn't work. we pay off the deficit because you like clinton, make the economy grow so much, somehow money falls from heaven and the deficit goes away but they certainly didn't start off with a policy i'm going to pay off the deficit. nobody ever said that. >> do you think there's any scenario that someone gets elected, they do some things that make us get back to 3 to 3.5% growth which makes this a whole different picture? >> there must be a scenario. i can't lay it out but there are a lot of things that can happen. in the u.s. the dollar is low and that's
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it outlook for local regional economies due to a fight with china and weak global demand. and bp says it has not yet reached that agreement on the sale of its 50% stake in tnk. bp and rosneff reportedly preparing to announce a deal worth more than $25 billion. could give the british oil company a stake of between 16% and 20%. we've been waiting for that transaction to cross the tape, but it has not been announced just yet. mr. kernen, how was your weekend? >> it was good. i read the top date on on the journal and i checked the date. almost reads identical to last week. i was excited the first time and actually just as -- >> how excited? >> i was so excited i have a lot of it was so hot that -- but i don't have any it was so excited. but could i come up with something. probably be dirty, though. so let's not. corporate headline, is reportedly set to be acquired by an investor group being whether he had by a european private equity firm. the "wall street journal" puts the price at $32 a share or $1.6 billion. why isn't deal book reporting? >> i'm not sure. i don't know. >> so you'
, but local officials and analysts consider a strike unlikely. and nokia is set to announce a new deal giving oracle customers access to nokia's map services. the agreement would be announced today at the oracle world conference. i've never known that maps would be so important in everybody's lives. such big important -- >> huge. >> saw something over the weekend about -- >> ever a day when apple gets maps? >> apple has a lot of money. if they just start pouring all money they have into making this better, they've gotten the message. >> i talked to engineers on bring that said it is impossible, it might take you three years to get the information to be correct. it's actually the data. >> and google has truck has go up and down -- carl had written that one drove by his, the google truck that has the camera going around. >> you can't just write an al go rhythm that finds every single side street. it's a lot of roads. >> use everybody who has an iphone to replicate what google has done by having people literally use their iphone to actually take pictures of buildings. >> to help? >> yes, to help
, should be in the private sector, local control, which is what we do with education, but also a national mission. so sometimes you get into a false debate, i think, on whether this should be solely the private sector or whatever. i think that if you replicate it in other industries, what teacher america has been able to do for education, you would have an inspiring stream of smart, great people dedicated to having good careers and making a change in education. many other things. >> that's really part of the goal behind this job creation initiative is to change the narrative. the narrative at the moment has been all about the new normal, how we are not really going to be able to create jobs any time soon, so how can we change that into a narrative that focuses on results, that focuses on what actually is being done, on the hundreds and thousands of startups all around the country, on the roll of social media and helping creating jobs, changing the narrative is incredibly important. >> arianna, i know you've said look, this is about focusing on what we can do, not looking back at this. wha
.6% drag is pretty comparable to the fiscal drag we've seen from state, local, federal in 2011, 2012. >> all right. tom, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> it's good to see you. andrew is going to talk about asking for comments. i have a comment from a viewer. >> what was the comment? >> you are right, the broken window theory of stimulation is silly, keynesian economists can't help mistaking capital flows for capital stock. why not destroy all capital so we can rebuild it and call it economic stimulus. net net, it's a redistribution of capital from savers to labor. makes no sense. if you do think about it long enough, does it really make any sense to destroy a city to rebuild it because of the economic? it doesn't. so you don't want to keep doing this. >> hurricane sandy took care of that. >> you really don't. >> and we have to do. we want to do it and any of the positives that come out of it in terms of construction and labor, we'll take it, but because we have to do it, but it's certainly not something -- when i mentioned andrew, i think of you. but now we've got to mak
an hour to work at the local walmart, the united states postal service needs workers, all of this because the oil boom that's happened under the obama administration. so why is it the democratic candidate from congress distancing herself from obama when it comes to energy? we'll make sense of it all next on "squawk box." estor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversification. choices. my own ideas. ishares. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. ishares. 8 out of 10 large, professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. introducing the ishares core, etfs for the heart of your portfolio. tax efficient and low cost building blocks to help you keep more of what you earn. call your advisor. visit i
. and you always surprise me. i never know how you're going to answer this. i want to talk about a local politician here in new york. and i'm talking about mike bloomberg. every democrat's favorite republican. let's say that this caught on and that it was a nationwide ban on any coca-cola sold in a container that had sugar. sold over 16 ounces. does that make sense to you to do that for the obesity problem? you're a big coke shareholder. and then i think about, you know, dairy queen and ice cream's not good for you either. i figure there must be a way that's adding to obesity and those crummy hot dogs you sell in your dairy queen. is this something that makes sense to you? >> first -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> first of all, i've got to say, dairy queen sales were up 5.8% in september same store. >> you see where i'm going with this. >> but ice cream, i eat it for breakfast sometimes. and i'm 82, you'll have to judge -- >> well, somebody might not like you doing that at your age, warren, adding to cholesterol. and you might get taxed on it because we don't really think it's a good idea for yo
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)